Roofing-Green Roof

A green roof is a roof of a building that is completely covered with plants and a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing covering. Green roof also includes the extra layers like a root fence and drainage and irrigation systems. The use of green refers to be environmental friendly. These types of roofs look beautiful and also very useful for environments. Green roofs are also known as living roofs. Green roofs have also many purposes like absorbing rainwater, creating a home for wildlife, also green roof provides insulation. Green roofs also helps to lower down the temperature of cities and less the affect of heat . There are two different types of green roofs .The names are intensive roofs and extensive roofs. The intensive roofs are thicker and can support different variety of plants. These are heavier and need maintenance. The extensive roofs have light layer of plants and are lighter than an intensive roofs. The word green roof may be used to specify roofs that use a few form of green technology, like cool roof, a roof with solar thermal collector. Green roofs are also referred to eco-roofs and living roofs.

Green roofs have too many environmental benefits. Green roofs reduce heating. Green roof reduces storm water. They filter the pollution and helps to lower the diseases which are related to breath like asthma. They also filter heavy metals from the rain water. It also increases the agricultural place. Green roofs have also financial benefits. it increase the roof life time noticeably It also increase the value of real estate. European Countries have very active in promoting green roofs. The countries are Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Norway, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, the UK, and Greece. Green roofs are also becoming very popular in Chicago , Portland, Atlanta and other cities of united state. Green roofs popularity is increasing in Australia day by day from last 10 years. The largest project of green roof was announced in Australi in 2010 name was The Victorian Desalination project.

In Canada these roofs are also popular. The city of Toronto has many green roofs on residential and industrial buildings. These are also used in Switzerland, France, Iceland, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States of America. The cost of properly designed green roof system is almost can be 15 to 20 dollars per square feet. These are costly. In Europe fully installed roof can be cost between 100 to 200 Euros. Green roofs have low maintenance requirements. Maintenance of green roofs frequently includes fertilization to increase peak and juicy plant cover. Extensive green roofs are fertilized with controlled-release fertilizers in order to avoid pollution of the storm water. Conventional fertilizers can not be used on extensive roofs. The main disadvantage of the green roofs is higher cost and the other is that some existing building structures can not be converted in to green roofs. There are also few green roofs which have little maintenance cost. Infact, green roofs are environmental friendly and their installation can make environment green and clean.






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